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Column 5: Jan Voogd


Bomen op begraafplaatsen (trees at cemeteries)

Information and inspiration for designers and managers.

ISBN 978-90-818744-10

Authors:  Ada Wille & Marko Mouwen


I’ve noticed that I visit cemeteries - especially the older ones - with their monumental trees, with full attention and intensity. Not distracted by traffic noises, talking, running people, or other sounds that you have in parks or other green public spaces. Here, I really feel the connection of trees and both life and death. That connection is strengthened by reading the book, but mostly by looking at images of trees and often-monumental graves. Monumental graves that - through their diversity - show the attention people used to have for life and death when saying goodbye to their dearest ones.

This book pays attention to the application of a great design of cemeteries, assortment, the environment, and more. A few of the biggest cemeteries in the Netherlands that are discussed:

Cemetery and/or arboretum:

-       De nieuwe Ooster, Amsterdam, 33 ha

-       Zorgvlied, Amstelveen

-       Crooswijk, Rotterdam, 22 ha

-       Algemene Begraafplaats Selwerderhof, Groningen, the largest with 50 ha

-       Hilversumse Noorder Begraafplaats, Hilversum, designed by Leonard Springer

Trees that can be found there, or might be used there are illustrated in a beautiful way. With their characteristics and needs. These are, among others

-       Trees with multiple stems

-       Weeping forms

-       Espaliers

-       Columnars

-       Berceaus and many other shapes and types are discussed.

This really can be recommended to everyone who wants to enjoy the serene atmosphere that trees and the pictured tombstones offer. During your visit or while reading the book, you might want to take the time to enjoy the here and now.


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