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Column 6: Diny Voogd


Het bomenboek (Trees)

Author: Hugh Johnson

ISBN 90 210 0325 2

Translated into Dutch in 1974, under the direction of dr. BK Boom


In the preface, dr. BK Boom mentions that the value of trees cannot be expressed in economic terms, since its worth cannot be measured in money (to learn to appreciate them as objects of recreation and beauty). Trees play a part in natural and environmental management.


Humans are curious by nature, and want to know more about the trees, like

-        What their names are

-        How they can be recognised

-        How they grow and blossom.


This book has been written to meet these needs. Even though the book was written in 1974, it’s still a very current reference work in 2020. It can be used by anyone who is interested in the history of, and all practical facts about trees, their growth, characteristics, functioning, roots, and soil, origin of their names, influence of weather conditions, temperature zones in which types can and cannot survive, their connection to the animal world, and some people from this history, who have collected and planted multiple trees.


One of the oldest botanical trees in Europe was created in 1594 in Leiden, by the well-known botanist Clusius.


This book mentions multiple botanists who where there when plants were brought to us from all over the world. We can still see their names in the plant names.


The book also describes numerous interesting facts from botanical history.

Besides that, the book contains realistic images and drawings that create a great atmosphere, and make it a book you really want to browse through.

The book is made up of three parts.

First:                The world of trees that describes all we’ve mentioned before

Second:           Descriptions of trees

Finally:             Overviews and registers, such as:

  • Natural forest vegetation.
  • Decorative flowers, fruits, and leaves, throughout the year.
  • An overview of when and where specific types of trees have been brought to Europe.
  • Diseases and deteriorations.
  • Growth of a number of tree species.
  • Meaning of botanical names.
  • Register of tree names.

In short, a very complete book, to paint a clear picture of the history and development of our plant world, with a lot of practical information.


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