Internationale vakbeurs voor de boomkwekerij

Beerze, Boomkwekerij De

Geeneindseweg 4A
5688 JT Oirschot

Producten en activiteiten
Laan- bos en parkbomen
Uitgangs materiaal

Boomkwekerij De Beerze levert laanboom spillen en jonge laanbomen. We kweken onze spillen op 10 hectare lemige zandgrond in Oirschot met een assortiment van meer dan 100 ± boomsoorten. Dagelijks werkt een team met vakmensen met veel enthousiasme en kennis van zaken aan het kweken, verkopen en leveren van topkwaliteit spillen naar onze afnemers.

Young planting material for avenue trees

Boomkwekerij de Beerze is specialized in growing whips and young trees. We grow our trees on 10 hectares of land in the loamy sandy soil to the sizes 200-250 cm up to 10-12 cm girth.

70% of the propagation is made by budding and grafting
10% is made by winter/ summer cuttings
20% the rest of the plants are seedlings
When using our plants the customer is insured for healthy and reliable quality products.

Propagating plants is our specialty

The most important methods of propagation are budding and grafting. Many years of experience have given us the knowledge and expertise to grow a wide range of species that we can offer in large quantities.

Quality matters

Our trees are straight, the branching is right and the roots are healthy. Besides all of that, the trees are strong and grow very easily. This all creates less percentage of loss.

The trees are only out off the ground for a short period of time when they are procced to get ready for a quality check and transport. We use special mechanisation for this process so the trees don’t get the chance to dry-out.

Stand: D086

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