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Library 2022


 Jan Voogd; Working and dealing with, and a fascination for our green environment, has always been a huge part of my professional and personal life. Sowing, cutting, buying and/or exchanging plants - it has grown into an arboretum where I feel at home. Our green environment is becoming increasingly more important, which is why increasing knowledge and reading books about it is essential. Reading increases enthusiasm and meaning when it comes to working with green products. If you read more green books, you will improve your green thinking, and become more aware of a liveable environment.

 Diny Voogd; As Jan’s partner, his passion for trees rubbed off on me, and I also started to get interested in the subject. Jan has shown me a lot. Together, we collected and grown a nice assortment of different tree families. And we also offer members of the Dutch dendrological association interesting trips and days to share knowledge, and access to reliable reference books. We’d like to share a few of those with you.

 Hans van Selm; As voluntary librarian of the library of the NDV (Dutch dendrological association) in Rotterdam, I have been involved with trade fair GGP since 2016 - presenting approximately 700 books. You can call me a book freak. In 2016 we also started with digitising the book collection, and we created approximately 16 categories. All 700+ books have been photographed, and I created a slide show based on these photographs. In the past 3 years, you were able to find us right across the main stage, in the central hall, where we presented a selection from our book collection. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a physical book presentation this year - you’ll have to make do with a photo of me, and a column about books.


We can heartily recommend the following books from our trade fair library. Would you like to get more information or do you want to discuss these books with a librarian? Please let us know via



Bomen en hun vormen

Nicky den Hartogh

9789061137382     80 pages

category: Trees


Monumental trees in the Netherlands


Gerrit de Graaff


9789053521113      240 pages


category: Trees


The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation

Michael A. Dirr en Charles W. Heuser jr.

9781604690040     424 pages

category: Trees


Remarkable trees in Flanders

Dienst Groen

114 pages

Category: Trees


Oak, the frame of civilization

William Bryant Logan

9780393327786    336 pages

category: Trees


Rotbuchen - Fagus

Gerhard Döning

9783928521055     286 pages

category: Trees



J.M. Gardiner

9780304322442    143 pages

category: Trees


Handbuch der Nadelgehölze

Gerd Krüssmann

9783489626220   396 pages

Category: Conifers


Feuillages Bordas

David Joyce

9782047600443    160 pages

category: Miscellaneous


Früchte, faszinierende Kunstwerke der Natur

Wolfgang Stuppy en Rob Kesseler

9783836929950    264 pages

category: Miscellaneous


Phooey, acorns

Peter Kouwenhoven

9789064545184    48 pages

Category: Miscellaneous


Mijn tuin, een paradijs voor vlinders

Johan Possemiers

9043812021    96 pages

category: Miscellaneous


Paddestoelen, herkennen en verzamelen

Till R. Lohmeyer en Ute Kunkele

9781405463997      256 pages

category: Galls, mushrooms and ferns


Complete gids voor tuinvarens

Martin Rickard

9789060975824   192 pages

category: Galls, mushrooms and ferns


De plant in de geneeskunde

Francesco Bianchini

9789025266097     242 pages

category: Medicinal, poisonous and edible plants


Giftige planten

George Becker en Zdenèk Berger

9789039600221   224 pages

category: Medicinal, poisonous and edible plants

Book review GGP 2020


Variegated trees & shrubs

Ronald Houtman

9780881926491    340 pages

category: Shrubs, climbing plants and roses



The Royal Horticultural Society


category: Shrubs, climbing plants and roses


Vaste planten in openbaar groen

Ir. Margareth E.C.M. Hop

digital available

catergory: Herbaceous


Verklarend woordenboek van wetenschappelijke plantennamen

dr. C.A. Backer

9789025495350        664 pages

catergory: Study and dictionaries


Stijltuinen, vijf eeuwen Nederlandse tuinkunst


9789070072827    208 pages

catergory: Landscaping, gardens and gardening

Les Jardins de Jacques Wirtz

Bartoneu Mari en Catherine Laroze

9782871431275   175 pages

catergory: Landscaping, gardens and gardening



Landwehr J. en Sipkes C.

176 pages

catergory: Landscaping, gardens and gardening


De kunst van het tuinieren

Hugh Johnson, A. Bremer en Wim Oudshoorn

9789021003702   271 pages

catergory: Landscaping, gardens and gardening


Garden crafts

Geraldine Rudge

9781840910544   144 pages

catergory: Landscaping, gardens and gardening


Perspectiefconstructie voor tuinontwerpers

prof. dr. ir. J.T.P Bijhouwer

62 pages

catergory: Landscaping, gardens and gardening




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