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Meirseweg 54, 4881 MJ Zundert (NL)

International nursery stock trade fair

Vivai Nord s.n.c di A.G. Sartori e C.

Via Brianza, 1/a
22040 Lurago d'Erba, Como

Products and activities
Forestry and Hedging
Avenue, forest and park trees
Visually attractive plants
Roses and rootstock
Shaped trees

Growers for passion.

Vivai Nord is a wholesale nursery specialised in the production and sales of hardy ornamental outdoor plants. Established in 1988 by 3 partner nurseries, each of which maintains to date their historic smaller nursery and production, they decided in this year to unite their forces to affront the ever competitive market place. In fact one of the strong points of the company is the possibility to offer a wide range of products not just plants but also pots, drainage and filtration products, irrigation goods, stonework, seeds and fertilizers. Each year over 1500 varieties are listed in the catalogue and this range along with a friendly service are other strong points of the company. In addition to the main nursery at Lurago d�Erba, Como and those of the partner nurseries nearby, in 2016 Vivai Nord also opened another base in Pistoia in an effort to offer directly from here a full range of products typical of this area. The production includes everything from shrubs to hedging plants, small and large trees, Ericas and perennials, roses and acid soil loving plants, Acers and conifers, native and fruit plants.
Vivai Nord has always give particular attention to the continued introduction of new varieties. These include Pinus cembra �Sartori�, Ballerina� apple trees in the beginning and more recently Carpinus betulus �Bonanomi�, Cornus kousa �Re TivaNo��, Zelkova serrata �Sartori� and the reflowering series of Azaleas Encore� as well as a long list of other introductions from all over the world present in the catalogue each year.

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My favourite plant!

Cornus kousa 'Re Tivano'

CORNUS KOUSA ‘RE TIVANO’ – This is an upright growing variety with bright green leaves that have a narrow white edge. The leaves are slightly corrugated and in Autumn turn a beautiful pink colour. The flowers are white. ‘Re Tivano’ is bred and marketed by Vivai Nord s.n.c. di A.G. Sartori e C., Como, Italy.

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