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Mivena BV

Sprangseweg 13C
5144NV Waalwijk

Produits et activités
Field-Cote CRF, Granustar CRF, Granusol WSF, Horti-Cote Plus, Horti-Cote Topdress


Mivena was founded in 2003 and has two locations. 1. Production, R&D and Distribution in Maastricht. 2. Marketing, Sales and Finance in Waalwijk. The core business of Mivena is producing controlled release fertilizers (CRF), by using Duration Technology, the latest development in coating technology.

This technology is used for the production of:
- Granucote®CRF
- Granupermanent®CRF
- Granupermanent®CRF Universal
- Field-Cote ®CRFHorti-Cote Plus®CRF
- Horti-Cote®CRF
- Horti-Cote Topdress®CRF
- Chrycote®CRF
- Agra-Cote®CRF

Mivena also offers a line of water soluble fertilizers (WSF) and slow release fertilizers (SRF) to its clients, in order to provide them with a complete range of specialty fertilizers. The technologies are developed according to the Mivena mission of top quality and minimal effect on the environment.

The Mivena products are distributed Europe wide.
Mivena produces specialty fertilizers following the most recent inventions so the client can make optimum use of the technological developments.

* Produce a unique product with minimal leaching.
* Per country one specialised importer per market segment.
* Flat organisation for optimum communication.
* Restrict to specialisation in the three market segments.
* By use of resin coating more efficiency in the use of N+P+K+Mg+Te (easier growing within the standards).
* Achieve at least equal results with less quantities of fertilizer (less leaching + pollution).

Mivena is active with the production of specialty fertilizers for the following markets:
• Sport, Golf & Public Green
• Field Grown Cultures
• Container Nursery Stock
• Roll Lawn
• Chrysanthemums

Mivena has a proven track record as a producer of specialty fertilizers. Important guidelines for Mivena are: quality, innovation, advice and environment.

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