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Le salon international de la pépinière

Bunk Pflanzen

25336 Elmshorn

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Parc d’arbres et haies
Conifères et floriculture
Arbres de parc, de forêt et d’avenu
matériau d'origine
Rare and Spezial Liners

Bunk Pflanzen propagate rare and special plants just by seeds!
The liners are available in Plugs and 9 cm Pots.
Strong qualities and the satisfaction our customers are top priority!
Our bare root-plants are some types of Populus tremula for the Forest by seeds!
Moreover, we offer customized propagation from all species in plugs and P9 cm Pots by seeds.

Stand: G103

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My favourite plant!

Ampelopsis brevipedunculata ‘Elegans‘

Variegated Porcelain Vine Rare and unusual, slow-growing vine with colourfull heart-shaped, lobed leaves. The young shoots are pinkish red and make a nice contrast to the white variegated leaves. The small greenish flowers appearing in June. Out of them emerge the light blue to violet, speckled and lovely fruits. The shoots can freeze back to base in hard winters, but they easily set new shoots in spring.Very decorative plant for the garden. Good growth properties in sunny to half-sunshine. The frost hardness is in zone 6. Very decorative leaves and berries.

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