International nursery stock trade fair


Free quadrilingual GrootGroenPlus app is live

The free quadrilingual GrootGroenPlus app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. This app serves as a digital trade fair guide and contains the Road Show, novelties, and the participant list. You can also use the app to follow GGP on social media, check the current stock of all participants through the Varb connection, and contact participants.


In the coming days and weeks, the program and speakers will be added to the app. After installation of the app, it will be updated automatically, which means that you will have all the most current information on your phone. 


This year, there will also be a web version of the app. This will be accessible through the GGP website via a desktop or laptop computer, without installing anything. It will be integrated on the program page at GrootGroenPlus.

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