International nursery stock trade fair



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The trade fair day started with the issuing of the Boomfeestdaglabel. This label was issued for the second time. A top 5 was created out of all the favourites of the participants. This top 5 consisted of:

Tree/criteria Submitter
Tetradium daniellii Jochems-Peeters en Zn.
Photinia fraseri WEA Deltaland
Ficus carica Business Centre Treeport
Quercus palustris 'Isabel' Boomkwekerij Bömer vof
Rhus typhina 'Tiger Eyes' M. van den Oever BV

All these trees meet the predefined selection criteria, which will determine whether or not a tree can be included in this top 5. 
(1) It must be a tree(shaper), and not a houseplant. The tree must be suitable to plant with children, for example during the celebration of the Nationale Boomfeestdag. The tree must also (2) be suitable for a small garden and/or the balcony; everyone should be able to use the winner to create their own ‘Boomfeestdag’, regardless of the size of the garden or balcony. 
Another important criterion (3) is that the tree contributes in a positive way to biodiversity, for example by attracting insects. And finally, there must be (4) a connection with children.
The label was awarded to the Tetradium daniellii, also known as the bee tree, and received by Willem Jochems from Boomkwekerij Jochems - Peeters en Zn. It was awarded to a grower who selected the winning tree(shaper) as a favourite plant, but all growers who sell the tree can use the label in 2020. If they are interested, they can send an e-mail to

002 Boomfeestdaglabel kopie.jpg
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