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Summary of the opening speech of chairman David Bömer of GrootGroenPlus 2021

The society needs new input from the arboriculturist

In his speech during the official opening of GrootGroenPlus 2021, chairman David Bömer said that we were now moving forward from the point where we left off: the spring of 2020, just after Groenbeurs Zundert. When everyone thought they would move into a great season. And to be honest: that season was actually quite great. At first, the idea was that the tree nursery industry would have to deal with cancellations and financial problems. However, the consequences of the corona crisis were very mild. Most growers had an amazing 2020. And the signs for 2021 are also looking well. “But are things really going that well?”, said Bömer. “But let’s be honest: we have staffing problems. And we have to say ‘no’ to our customers a lot right now.”


Bömer asked to not just look at today’s wallet, but also to the future. He mentioned the staffing problems, questions around biodiversity, and ‘a society that requires new input from us’. “The world is turning greener. That is something we can influence,” according to Bömer. “But that means that we have to be active on many themes. Water management, robotisation, communication with our clients. Recently, we experienced a Xylella issue, which was inconvenient. That is why multiple regions are working on crisis play books, to be able to do something about the major problems.” Bömer also said that every organisation has opportunities to make progress. For example when it comes to staff, but also when it comes to assortment. And regarding safeguarding the future of the company. Not everything was sunshine and rainbows during the corona period. Some businesses were seriously harmed, also families in the industry. “It’s not just about growing plants”, said Bömer. “Taking care of yourself is also very important. Make sure there is a healthy balance between your personal and business life. Make sure you have time for yourself and your family. It’s also about growing goodwill in your surroundings. And don’t forget your customers, and the people we might have to say ‘no’ to right now. They will be back when we need them. Unless we scared them off.”


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