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Corylus avellana wins Boomfeestdag Boomlabel contest

Five nominees were selected for the award ceremony of the Boomfeestdag Boomlabel prize. They were selected from the favourite plants submitted to the organisation of the trade fair. These five products were nominated based on four criteria. First of all, it had to be types of trees, and there also had to be a connection to children. They have to contribute to the biodiversity, and they have to fit into a small garden or on a balcony.


The winner of this year’s Boomfeestdag Boomlabel award is the Corylus avellana, the regular hazel, submitted by Boomkwekerij Dams. And there’s another prize to win, for the children. Alongside the grey route at GrootGroenPlus, in the sensory garden, you can find birdhouses. Children who participate in the Nationale Boomfeestdag on 16 March 2022 in Zundert have painted these birdhouses. Visitors of the trade fair can pick their top 3. The overall top 3 receives a nice Boomfeestdag prize.


Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag has been working almost 65 years on involving children in the wondrous world of trees. To make them see how important trees are. Next year, they will visit the municipality of Zundert, where they will plant trees at the BCT terrain. This will be done with children from the municipality of Zundert, but also the Belgian Stad Hoogstraten. After all, the BCT terrain covers both Dutch and Belgian territory.

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