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Seven KVBC awards presented during trade fair GrootGroenPlus


During trade fair GrootGroenPlus, the KVBC handed out seven KVBC awards that were awarded during last season. Lavandula intermedia 'Niko' (PHENOMENAL), submitted by Plantipp BV, IJsselstein, received a bronze medal. Cortaderia selloana ‘Day2’ (TINY PAMPA GOLD), submitted by Van Vliet New Plants BV, Stroe, Hydrangea paniculata 'LC NO8' (LIVING LITTLE BLOSSOM), Hydrangea paniculata 'LC NO11' (LIVING SUGAR RUSH) and Hydrangea paniculata 'LC NO14' (LIVING PINK & ROSE); all by Alex Schoemaker Living Creations, Boskoop, received silver medals. The Hydrangea paniculata 'LC NO12' (LIVING PINKY PROMISE) by Alex Schoemaker Living Creations, Boskoop and the Hydrangea paniculata 'Breg14' (POLESTAR) by Breederplants V.O.F., Reeuwijk, won the golden KVBC awards.


KVBC Awards have been given to plants inspected in the field; these have proven themselves to be useful and fit into today’s market. The ratings are based on statistical support. A KVBC Award can be given after a field inspection or a star inspection. 


KVBC’s goal is to ‘share green knowledge’. KVBC wants to reach the entire chain doing that; from grower to retail and consumer. One way of sharing is sharing the inspection reports. Not just with the industry, but also with the consumer. That is why all inspection reports of plants that have been given a KVBC award are accessible through the website.

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