aug. 31, 2022

Theme GrootGroenPlus 2022 ‘Grounded’

The preparations of the trade fair, which will be held from 5 - 7 October 2022 in Zundert, are in full swing. One of the most important elements of the trade fair is its theme. This year, the theme of the trade fair is ‘Grounded’, which can be interpreted in many ways, for example referring to the importance of a great base for the products and the businesses in the industry. This year, the theme will be integrated in different ways in activities that are organised around the trade fair.


Versatile interpretation ‘Grounded’

The theme ‘Grounded’ plays into current developments and is in many different ways interesting for the industry. The trade fair itself is grounded in the industry; as a meeting place for traders, growers, and other stakeholders in the industry, it can even be seen as part of the foundation. It is also extremely important that the tree nursery industry is grounded. That it works from a solid foundation, from a financial, legal, economic, ecological point of view, and building on its own strength. 
De ground is also a practical foundation for all crops. A living, rich, healthy soil offers more opportunities for return on investment for growers, who in turn are also grounded in their region, and on the soil they own - often for generations. 


Stand awards

Usually, the elaboration on the theme is one of the evaluation criteria for the three awards that are presented at GGP, which are the Jac Lodders Award for the best green stand, the Jan van Dongen Award for the best non-green stand, and the Zunderts Groen Imago Prijs for the stand that best succeeds in putting Zundert on the map. Given the importance of a vital soil (pot or open soil), it has been decided to make this elaboration of the theme ‘Grounded’ count for 50 per cent for all three awards. To be eligible for an award, participants will be challenged to show their creative side in 2022. Soil guru René Jochems from Groeibalans will be part of this year’s jury, so he can offer advice from his professional point of view, and so that he will be able to also judge the entries. Of course, this means that he himself will not be eligible for an award. 


Press tour

The theme 'Grounded' will certainly be part of the external press tour. At the location of one of the participants, the international press will receive an expansive workshop on the subject of soil. This will make sure that the press keeps an eye on the elaboration of the theme in the stands, which allows them to report on that too. This is important, since the theme also touches upon many current developments. For example sustainability issues, challenges when it comes to personnel, increased costs, or the theme ‘water’. At the end, everything returns to the importance of a healthy soil.


Nationale Boomfeestdag

The theme ‘Grounded’ will also be taken into consideration for the trade fair activity for good cause Stichting Boomfeestdag. Stichting VICOE has already indicated that they want to contribute in the area of worm hotels. Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag has been the good cause of trade fair GrootGroenPlus for many years. The foundation’s aim is to help children in the 4th grade get more insight into, knowledge and understanding about the soil. By intertwining this theme into the program, it will also emphasise the importance of a good soil. This is especially important in 2022, since the National Celebration will take place in Zundert, on 16 November.




Opening hours

Wednesday 2 October

09.00 - 18.00 h

Thursday 3 October

09.00 - 18.00 h

Friday 4 October

09.00 - 18.00 h


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