jan. 9, 2023

Theme trade fair GrootGroenPlus 2023: Dynamic and Digital

The theme of the 33rd edition of the trade fair, which will be held on 4-6 October 2023, is announced: in December, the theme Dynamic and Digital was unanimously chosen.


Current and future-proof

We currently see an enormous movement in the industry, which comes with much digitalisation in all areas. And that digitalisation is very necessary; the industry still experiences a shortage of staff, and sales requires increasingly more effort. That means that resources have to be used wisely. It also requires a certain dynamic within companies, a future-proof vision. 


Digitalisation has been a topic in many other industries for quite a while, but in the tree nursery industry it is rather new. Until a few years ago, the fax machine was still a commonly used device. 


Now, the industry is changing fast, and digitalisation moves from the office to the work field, for example with mechanisation, automation, and robotisation - which all contribute to expansion and efficiency. And we can see an exponential growth in this area. Which makes the theme more relevant than ever. 


A lot of movement

The role of dynamics is also becoming increasingly more important. Being dynamic, playing into the market conditions, the dynamics between the industry and education, which has to provide educated staff, but also the dynamics within companies. For example when it comes to issues regarding succession, where the younger generation is usually very enthusiastic about the possibilities that digitalisation has to offer. And of course, we also have the dynamics of the modern times. More than ever, it is important to move boundaries, to be prepared for future challenges. These days, costs are increasing at a rapid pace, which means people can spend less, also on green products. At the same time, due to the corona period and of course the climate issues, people are very aware of the importance of green. That is something that the industry plays into. Each company on its own, but also together, for example through a platform such as GrootGroenPlus. 



The theme indicates that the trade fair and the industry are focusing on the future. That we’re looking at it in a positive way. And that the dynamics and digitalisation offers plenty of opportunities and possibilities, and that it is moving forward, despite challenges. Playing into the constant changes and keep moving. And trade fair GrootGroenPlus is the perfect place to show this progress in the green industry.


Opening hours

Wednesday 2 October

09.00 - 18.00 h

Thursday 3 October

09.00 - 18.00 h

Friday 4 October

09.00 - 18.00 h


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