mei 29, 2023

33rd edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus with many pluses

The 33rd edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus, the trade fair for professionals in the green industry that will be held from 4 - 6 October in Zundert, offers many pluses which visitors and participants can benefit from. Currently, 185 participants have been registered, including many technical participants. That is a great thing, since GrootGroenPlus will also contribute to the technical day on 13 July, preceding the trade fair.


Focus on the plant

During the 33rd edition of the trade fair, the focus will be on the plant. It is turning into a trade fair that offers a lot of green. The focus is once again on the tree nursery industry with a full assortment, since we are the only trade fair in Europe that specialises in this. This is one of the reasons why we attract many international visitors and participants. We also invest a lot in attracting quality visitors. We are the only trade fair to facilitate visits from important European trade journalists, through internal and external press tours. This is a unique plus. 


This year, the inspections are moved from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning. This will allow us to invite the trade journalists to take part in the judging and participants and visitors will be able to attend the plant and stand inspections live. Of course, the Green Grand Prix will also be continued. The Green Grand Prix offers growers the possibility to put the spotlight on plants that have already been inspected. They can be judged again based on the growing performance. 


Additional activities

Besides the tree-day trade fair, GrootGroenPlus also contributes to a number of related initiatives. One of these is the Technical Day Arboriculture on 13 July. This day is organised in cooperation with Treeport Zundert and Project Schoon Water (Clean Water) and will mainly focus on novelties in mechanisation and robotisation in aboriculture. 


We will also once again contribute to Boomfeestdag, both with the annual activity at the trade fair and during the National Celebration on 15 November 2023. GGP has been sponsor of Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag for over 10 years, and that bond has strengthened since the National Celebration of 2022, that took place in 2022. 


Of course, we should not forget about the KwekersBode. At the end of June, a new edition will be published, filled with information about the participants. In September, a reverse edition of Boom-in-Business with the trade fair catalogue will be published. Another great plus.


GrootGroenPlus trade fair app

In 2023, it is possible to use the special trade fair app. The app has been updated, and as of August, it will offer a new interactive map, with reference to the participants and their current stock. Anyone who wants to prepare can download the app through the store. If you did that before, your app will be automatically updated to 2023. This year, the tree loops will be implemented again in the routes. Each route will end in the restaurant, to make sure that all visitors visit all stands. In 2023, the trade fair will be completely indoors, excluding the exposition of machines and configurations.


Please register in time

If you did not register yet, but want to participate, we urge you to register as soon as possible. We already have 185 participants and started creating the floor plan. Never before did we get this many registrations at this point in time. If you register in time, it will help the preparation process. It will also allow us to focus on attracting new visitors.


Registration is possible through the website of GrootGroenPlus. Participating in trade fair GrootGroenPlus offers a unique opportunity to reach the most important players in the professional green industry, which makes it interesting to connect with current and new contacts.  


Opening hours

Wednesday 2 October

09.00 - 18.00 h

Thursday 3 October

09.00 - 18.00 h

Friday 4 October

09.00 - 18.00 h


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