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Dynamic & Digital, an important part of your success
The 33rd edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus, which will be organised this year, will look completely different from what we’re used to. Literally, since we have moved to Business Centre Treeport, after hosting the last ten editions at the location of CLTV Zundert. Business Centre Treeport is the business area focused on future tree cultivation and all related aspects, established at the main highway A16/E19, literally on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium.
Author: Nursery Stock Trade Fair GrootGroenPlus
A new location. New participants. A new assortment. New products. New services. Whether you are participating in the trade fair or joining us as a visitor; you can expect a lot of new things, and after this edition, you will be completely up-to-date on all developments in the green industry.
But we bring you more than just ‘new’. We also know the value of ‘trusted’. The value of the participants we
welcome year after year. Of the assortment, that has proven itself in the past years. Of the products and services that have now been strongly established. And of course, this year we also offer our trusted appearance and hospitality.
That combination of new and trusted is strong, and can also be found in this year’s trade fair theme: ‘Dynamic & Digital’.
These words are part of the daily operations for our participants. In the past decades, the tree nursery industry has moved fast when it comes to digitalisation; the industry moves along with new developments very fast. This leads to more ease of use, more speed, and more opportunities to generate money. It has lead to a huge shift in offering products and the way they are purchased. The improved possibilities in administration have resulted in great traceability of the product in the logistic chain. One can also think of the plant passport; which might save the entire industry in case of a crisis.
The digitalisation has offered us the opportunity to collect so much data, that we can get immeasurable insights. Using all there is, can be a pitfall. Large datasets are handy, but sometimes ‘less is more’. The cooperation with experts in this area can be a good guideline when it comes to this.
And that is where we end up in the trusted part: if those developments happen at a rapid pace, it is so important to have a strong network of experts and relations you can count on. To keep an eye on your customers and focus on their experience. To make sure that your company really adds value for your customers. So that you can become and remain the trusted address for them, for both trusted and new developments. Trade fair GrootGroenPlus is the place to help you with that. Here you can find everything on the latest developments, but there is also room to get to know the classics better, and to build on valuable relationships. From the trade fair floor to far across the border.
As chairman of stichting GrootGroenPlus, I wish you - on behalf of myself and my colleagues - a great GrootGroenPlus!

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