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International nursery stock trade fair


Combination of spring fair and trade fair GrootGroenPlus

Trade fair GrootGroenPlus - a relation trade fair which is traditionally organised in the fall - will be combined with a spring fair as of 2018. This spring fair will focus on sales. With this special spring fair, GrootGroenPlus hopes to be able to serve the Zundert region even better.


New spring fair

The foundation European Plant Support (EPS), licence holder of GrootGroenPlus, has been working towards a joint effort in promoting the tree nursery industry. This would make it much more attractive and easier to advertise and to reach the foreign purchaser. Therefore, this has been a talking point for quite some time. GrootGroenPlus also received questions from the market about organising a GrootGroenPlus in the spring. Since there are already a couple of spring fairs, GGP feels that hosting a large-scale spring fair would not be the best idea. However, they do feel that it is important to combine strengths as much as possible.


So after several meetings, the board of GrootGroenPlus has decided to combine the trade fair with a spring fair in Zundert. This 2-day event will take place at the beginning of 2018 for the first time. Participants can exclusively register for this event when they register for the 28th fall edition of GrootGroenPlus, which will be held from 3 - 5 October 2018. The spring fair will be hosted at the same location as GrootGroenPlus, it will make use of the same network, platform, and the same suppliers. However, the spring fair is solely focused on sales. With this spring fair, GrootGroenPlus offers participants a way to promote sales and in the spring, with a simple set-up and a low budget, and to maintain relationships in the fall. Of course, EPS will remain active in the overall discussions regarding the spring fairs; the plans for the GrootGroenPlus spring fair will be adjusted to this.

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