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International nursery stock trade fair


Joyce Oomen will take care of green decorations at trade fair GrootGroenPlus 2017

Every year, the green decorations are an important eye catcher at trade fair GrootGroenPlus. In 2016, Joyce Oomen of Blooming Business BV mentioned rotating plants in her speech. During the 27th edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus, she will devote herself to the general green decorations at the trade fair. She has come up with a professional plan and will take care of the supervision and coordination of implementing the green decorations.


Rotating plants as a specialisation

Joyce Oomen is very passionate about and fascinated by creating a gorgeous, blossoming rotating plant design. She has been trained as a flower arranger and she has grown into a full-fledged partner specialised in creating colourful planting for parkland gardens and festival gardens. She creates planting plans, but also takes care of the supply of year-round rotating plants. Last year, she talked about this at GrootGroenPlus, and this year she will put her knowledge and experience to good use for the green decorations at the 27th edition of the trade fair, which will be held in Zundert from 4-6 October.


Many possibilities

Joyce's preliminary research shows that the trade fair offers many opportunities to present the green materials that have been made available by participants. This is partly due to the fact that GGP has opted for a 3-year location extension and a new décor for the central square. This way, participants will make an important contribution to the green decorations and the atmosphere at GrootGroenPlus, and they benefit from additional PR. This year, it is not just the green plan and its suppliers that will be mentioned, but also the set-up/up plan. It will also be mentioned on the website.


At the central square, there are a few presentations. There will be some elongated planters with a combination of materials supplied by the participants. There will also be some work done in the heights. The reception will be emphasized with a large green frame. And outside, there are also plenty opportunities to present green in a lovely, inspiring way. The idea is to create a number of islands, filled with diverse plants. In-between the islands, the eight large planters we used last year can be placed, with a nice combination of plants and inspiring quotes.


The coming weeks, GGP will ask participants for green products, based on the list provided by Joyce. Of course, participants can also express their interest in contributing via


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