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International nursery stock trade fair


Registration for Floriade starts at the end of November

At the end of November, a website will be launched with growers can use to register for filling in the assortment that will be shown at Floriade 2022 in Almere. Dendrologist Jaap Smit said that at GrootGroenPlus.


Smit has been appointed by Floriade to help filling in the assortment. Soon, preferably in the coming season, the organisation would like to plant 2800 different types of trees at the terrain of Floriade. "Many tree nurseries will be very pleased with that", said chairman of the trade fair David Bömer. He mentioned that during earlier editions, tree growers complained that the trees were planted relatively late. The trees need a few years to grow.


The enormous diversity in types of trees does not just show that a large assortment is available; it in fact creates an arboretum at the Floriade and gives an example to governments. Smit explains that tree diseases nowadays spread very fast, because monocultures have been planted. By applying a larger diversity in the plants, this problem should become a problem of the past. "And it will look a lot nicer", according to the dendrologist.


Help needed


Smit made a passionate plea to convince growers to assist with Floriade. "We cannot do this alone, we need your help", said Smit. The dendrologist wasn't able to say a lot about the conditions under which the trees and plants will be delivered. And also not about how growers who participate can benefit from this. More information will be made known about this at the end of November, when a website will be launched via which growers can register. At the same time, it will indicate what kind of assortment is wanted, and under what conditions growers can participate.


Picture: Dendrologist Jaap Smit (on the left with a microphone) answers questions of trade fair chairman David Bömer (on the right) at GrootGroenPlus.


Source: Trade magazine De Boomkwekerij

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