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International nursery stock trade fair


Trade fair GrootGroenPlus 2017, great atmosphere and positive!

From 4 until 6 October 2017, the 27th edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus took place. After the trade fair, the participants and visitors were asked for their opinions about the trade fair. We hereby present the preliminary results. We expect the number of responses to double, so the final results will be posted on the website later this year.



When it comes to the number of visitors, 2017 was every bit as good as 2016. There were many international visitors, and we saw an increase in the number of visitors from Poland and Italy. This will be partly due to the fact that we also had more participants from those countries. At the entrance, we noticed that people mainly visited the trade fair because of advertisements, both in print and digital.


There were visitors from more than 30 different countries. The spread of the visitors was a bit different than in the previous years. On Thursday, there were 18% more visitors than in 2016.


Besides a small increase in the total number of visitors, the participants concluded that there was also an increase in quality of the visitors. The number of visitors from the categories Garden centres, Trading companies and Gardeners increased a little bit compared to previous years.


Visitors are mainly happy with the professionalism of the trade fair, which they rated with an 8.2. The new look of the central trade fair spaces and the diversity of stands also got high scores. On average, visitors rated the trade fair with an 8, just like last year.



This 27th edition was also visited by the a lot of international trade press. This year, we welcomed 36 journalists, including one Japanese journalist. Despite the bad weather, the external press tour went well, and the first articles have already been published.


This year, the trade fair was visited by a Russian delegation of 34 people. Up until 11 October, they visited a number of other participants, which has already led to a few great transactions.



The trade fair was sold out this year. The 316 participants included many green participants. Due to this, the suppliers made up less than a quarter of the total number of participants. Almost one fifth of the participants were international participants, mainly from Belgium, Poland, Italy, Germany, and France.


In general, the participants were very satisfied about the trade fair. The PR efforts were given a 7.5. Promotion and new media received a 7.6 and the set-up and layout of the trade fair received a 7.7. The organisation was given an 8.2, and the information service got a 7.8. The mean score increased from a 7 in 2016 to a 7.2 in 2017.


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