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Meirseweg 54, 4881 MJ Zundert (NL)

International nursery stock trade fair



By means of an invitation letter, International Fairs Directory tries to get exhibitors to have themselves registered on the website, on payment of a substantial amount. According to International Fairs Directory, this website should contain the largest fairs and exhibitors directory on the internet.

Despite the fact that in her letter, International Fairs Directory claims to be independent, objective and not affiliated to any (tradefair) organiser, it has appeared that confusion exists among exhibitors about the source of this letter and a possible connection between GrootGroenPlus and International Fairs Directory. This is not at all the case. It seems likely that International Fairs Directory has used data from old catalogues and websites from GrootGroenPlus to write the companies concerned. 

We can assure you that GrootGroenPlus does not co-operate with International Fairs Directory, and has by no means provided her with any exhibitor data, nor will she do so in the future.

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