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International nursery stock trade fair


Participants and Visitors 2018


The number of visitors decreased a little bit in comparison with last year (less than 4%). However, the visitors were spread out well, better than in 2017. Last year, the extreme weather conditions led to a very crowded Thursday. And even though Thursday was once again the busiest day, in general visitors were spread out more evenly over the three days. During peak periods, additional shuttles were used to transport visitors to and from the trade fair complex safely and quickly. 


The number of international participants and visitors is increasing. The arrangements are becoming increasingly more popular, it is clear that these have been ‘discovered’. The same applies to the free app. This year, we were visited by a number of groups from Hungary, Poland, and Russia. Fourteen schools from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany visited the trade fair. The visitors came from 33 different countries. There were a lot of guests from Germany.


And there were also many youngsters. Not just from the abovementioned schools, but also young entrepreneurs. Fewer day-visitors - the so-called bags and pens squad - attended the trade fair. It looks like the focused PR is working very well, which means that the trade fair is mostly visited by trade visitors.


The visitors are very happy with the trade fair. The first results indicate that GGP 2018 gets a favourable rating. The wide assortment is appreciated. There is a lot of attention for green, and plants play a central part. On top of that, everything can be found, searched or asked for, and is available. Among visitors, the location received more than an 8 on average. The trade fair itself also got the same mark on average. The only exception to this was catering, though that did get a 7 this year. People mainly thought that the meals were too expensive. 


Free access for trade visitors and free, widely available shuttle buses were appreciated. A number of visitors also suggested to implement free parking.



This year, GGP had 270 participants. These participants came from different countries; the number of international participants increased by 40%. 22% of the participants came as a group.


The first results of the survey among participants show that they are also very satisfied with the 28th edition. They were especially happy with the quality of the visitors, the hospitality of the trade fair, the promotion surrounding the trade fair, and the theme. 84% of the respondents indicate that they want to participate in 2019 again. More than half (51%) of that group requests information regarding the Spring Fair. 10% did not answer this question and did not give a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.


The renewed concept for the opening, with a combination of short films, a limited number of speakers, and an extensive breakfast, was also highly appreciated. During this breakfast, the prize-winners of the different awards were made known.

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