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International nursery stock trade fair


Further expansion collaboration Spring Fairs

The collaboration regarding the Spring Fairs will be expanded in 2019. In November, the six members of the PR team met and created a list with action items. Previously, they have collaborated on pinpoints, press releases, translations, a joint logo, domain names, landings pages, a banner, digital banners, social media, a logo board, leaflets, and referrals. These activities will be continued, but there is also some additional budget from Stichting EPS available for other activities. 


The PR team has looked at what opportunities the individual fairs have when it comes to promoting the spring fairs that are held in January 2019. For example sending out newsletters to their own email lists, a mention in the annexes of multiple (online) magazines and their own leaflets. They are also considering a new mention on each of the trade fairs, and there should be a joint text and logo presentation in multiple languages.   


The four fairs have more than 100 participants combined. Purchasers can place their orders by traveling to the south of the Netherlands just once. More information can be found at

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