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Since the field inspections, which can be combined with the fair inspections, are so important, GGP will offer one of the winners a field trial as additional prize. In 2020, this additional prize was awarded to winner Sierteeltkwekerij Kools, with the Cryptomeria japonica ‘Kyara Gold’. 




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Inspection committee KVBC

One of the most important tasks of the KVBC is inspecting the plants. The worldwide reputation of this inspection committee is mainly based on the objectivity of the committee. The members of the inspection committee (approx. 60) do this work entirely free of charge. The inspection committee was founded in 1895, which makes it over 120 years old. First, they only inspected new crops, both in the field and at inspections that were hosted by the KVBC. Later, around 1930, they also started doing inspections of assortments, also known as star inspections.


At GrootGroenPlus, the inspection committee also inspects novelties that are presented by participants. These inspections are a snapshot, but they do give an overall view of the potential value of new cultivars. Bronze, silver, or gold medal certificates are handed out to winners. As a follow-up, the novelties can be registered for field inspection, after GrootGroenPlus. This inspection is a bit more thorough, and it will make the plant eligible for the KVBC award. The KVBC award indicates top assortment. The results of the inspections are published annually in the Dendroflora yearbook.  This yearbook contains inspection results, but also other assortment articles.


The KVBC does not limit itself to inspections and publications; it also cares for the Dutch Plant collections (Nederlandse Plantencollecties). For more information about the KVBC and her activities, please check out our website:


Novelties GrootGroenPlus

During GrootGroenPlus, new crops will be introduced. These novelties are presented by national and international companies. At the trade fair, these will be inspected by the Koninklijke Vereniging voor Boskoopse Culturen (KVBC). 


On Tuesday prior to the trade fair, the novelties will be checked to see whether or not they really are novelties. During the opening breakfast, Helma van der Louw will announce the division of medals. All inspected novelties will be presented at the entrance. All novelties will have an expansive fact sheet to inform press and visitors. 


Current information can be found at the trade fair, on the website or in the app. After the inspections, the five winning novelties will be placed in the Sortimentstuin of Harry van de Laar. More information can be found on



















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