International nursery stock trade fair

Press tour

External press tour

Some of the European trade journalists, approximately 25 international and 2 national journalists will jointly visit 4 tree nurseries on the Thursday of the trade fair. These 4 companies show the diversity of the expansive tree nursery centre Zundert and its surroundings. All companies that are visited participate in GrootGroenPlus.


Over the past two years, the excursions have been broadcast online.


GGP 2021 Traycon projecten

GGP 2021 Greentraders

GGP 2021 Pieter Heynen

GGP 2020 Tenax Tree-Plugs & Seeds

GGP 2020 Damen Boomkwekerij

GGP 2020 Business Centre Treeport

GGP 2020 Coöperatieve vereniging Treeport




External Press Tour 2018

External Press Tour 2017

External Press Tour 2016


Onsite press tour
In order to inform the press about the companies/projects outside of Zundert, there will also be an online press tour, which will be organised every year on Wednesday. During this tour, a number of exhibitioners are introduced to the international press, and it is possible to ask them questions.


If you want to take part in 1 or both press tours, please send an e-mail to

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