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International nursery stock trade fair

Registration form novelties 2020

The GrootGroenPlus trade show offers you, in cooperation with the Examination Committee
of the Koninklijke Vereniging voor Boskoopse Culturen (KVBC), the possibility to present new plants for (long-term) examination during the next GrootGroenPlus 2020 show in Zundert.


Please register prior to 1 September by using this form. After registration, you will receive a copy of the registered data via e-mail, with a confirmation of receipt, including your registration number. Your registration will be evaluated in cooperation with KVBC, in order to determine if it can be accepted. Upon acceptance, you will receive a message and the invoice for the amount you are owed. Only after full payment, your registration is completed and your plant will be included in the media messages regarding novelties that are being published. As of 1 September, we will start with creating fact sheets per registration. If you do not supply us with data, images, or the registration in a timely matter, this will not result in a discount.


Upon acceptance, the registrant is automatically invited to the award ceremony at Trade Fair GrootGroenPlus 2020. Date and time will be made known through the website and the app.

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Regular inspection at Trade Fair GrootGroenPlus
Participants of the GrootGroenPlus 2020 trade show can offer their novelties up for examination for €110 ex. VAT per novelty. NON-participants can also offer their novelties up for an examination; the costs for NON-participants are €220 ex. VAT, per novelty.

Long-term at Trade Fair GrootGroenPlus
As of 2013, growers/improvers can show their novelties during GrootGroenPlus, and peak public interest regarding that novelty, without having it inspected at the same time. However, this does oblige the participant to register the novelty for both a field inspection at the KVBC and an exhibition inspection during a future edition (max. 5 years later) of GrootGroenPlus. The presentation of these novelties at GrootGroenPlus will take place in a separate space, apart from the regular novelties inspection, without a name of the registrant or definitive plant name. We will provide the plants with a temporary exhibition name. Under no circumstances, the name of the registrant will be presented to the press or public. A description of the cultivar is allowed. Only growers and improvers are allowed to submit own selections/innovations. Upon registration, the amounts owed are the same as apply to the field inspection (€250 ex. VAT per cultivar) and exhibition inspection at GrootGroenPlus (€110 ex. VAT for participants, €220 ex. VAT for non-participants). In case of a long-term inspection, this regards 1 plant per year, during the definitive exhibition inspection, the numbers included in the applicable examination regulations will apply.


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Always fill in family/type name, cultivar name, and brand/trade name!
(if not (fully) completed, the regular examination may be seriously delayed or be refused on the grounds of missing information. In case of a long-term inspection, the cultivar name, the brand/trade name, and any additional partner for license management can be provided at a later stage):


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