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International nursery stock trade fair

Road Show 2018

In 2017, the Road Show was introduced to trade fair GrootGroenPlus, in cooperation with the KVBC. The Road Show contains a selection of novelties from the field inspections, inspections during the expositions, and the star inspections that have been conducted by the KVBC in the last few years. These winners can be given some additional attention through this Road Show. And that proved to be a success, which is why the Road Show will return at GrootGroenPlus 2018, from 3 - 5 October. This year, there will be 28 returning novelties, for the 28th edition of the trade fair. 




Abelia grandiflora 'Abelops' (Sunshine Daydream)

Bronze Medal Field Trial 2012

Densely branched, compact growth habit. Leaves are yellow-green with lighter colouring towards the margins and a narrow orange-red outer edge. Young leaves are more intense in colour. Flowers are light purple in September-October. Suitable for use in borders or as a pot plant. Fairly hardy. 



Aucuba japonica 'Angelon'

** Comparative Trial 2016

Evergreen shrub with a broad oval to spherical growth habit. The leaves feel leathery to the touch and are green with lots of yellow spots. Female plants, if pollinated, are decorated in the autumn and winter with countless red berries. A lovely garden shrub that can be planted in partial shade or shadow. 



Brunnera macrophylla 'Sea Heart'

Silver Medal Plantarium 2012

Low, wide growing plant. Relatively large strong leaves that are a lovely light grey with dark green edges and leaf veins. Flowers are like B. macrophylla; bright blue with a white eye in April. Strong herbaceous plant suitable for borders, containers etc. 



Buddleia 'Ice Chip' (White Chip)

Bronze Medal Plantarium 2012

Compact growing buddleia with a fresh appearance. Leaves are grey green, contrasting well with the numerous white flower plumes. Each flower has a small dark yellow eye. Suitable for planting in (small) groups or in pots. 



Buddleja alternifolia 'Pmoore12' (Unique)

Gold Medal GrootGroenPlus 2017

Striking, compact-growing bushy plant. The leaves are greyish green which provide an attractive background for the flowers. The short panicles of pale lilac-purple flowers form emerge during the summer until long into the autumn. Due to its compact growth habit it is not only a lovely border plant it is also very suitable for growing in pots. 


Buddleia 'Podaras 10' (Free Petite Dark Pink)

Bronze Medal Plantarium 2012

Low and wide growing buddleia with medium green coloured leaves. The relatively slender flower plumes consist of violet-purple flowers with an orange eye. Suitable for planting in (small) groups in private gardens, public greens or in pots. 



Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls'

Silver Medal Plantarium 2012

The branches of this striking shrub hang decoratively downwards. The leaves are deep purple to red and are gracefully heart shaped to nearly round, which gives the plant a full and robust appearance. Early in the spring, before the leaves appear, small pink flowers open on the bare branches. Beautiful solitary shrub for gardens of any size. 



Choisya 'Aztec Gold'

Bronze Medal Plantarium 2012

Spherical growing evergreen shrub. The leaves are palmately distributed and consist of narrow leaflets which emerge yellow and later turn intense green yellow. The fragrant white flowers open in the summer and contrast nicely against the yellow leaf. Lovely pot- or border plant, especially in places that require contrast. 



Choisya 'Londaz' (White Dazzler)

KVBC-Award Gold, Field Trial 2015

Compared with the well known ‘Aztec Pearl’ this evergreen shrub is more compact, more densely branched and has slightly smaller leaves. The palmate shaped leaves are dark green. Fragrant white flowers form in abundance in May and August. Hardy and suitable for use in gardens, public spaces or as a pot plant. 



Clematis 'Taiga'

Silver Medal Plantarium 2016

Climber that grows to several metres. Above the six purple flower petals (tepals) are several rings of smaller flower tepals. These are also purple but with bright green tips. Because the tepals fold inwards, the tips become pointed which gives the flower a very striking appearance. 


Cornus kousa 'Summer Gold'

Gold Medal Plantarium 2012

Large shrub with a wide upright growth habit. Its relatively thick leaves are dark green with a wide, deep yellow edge. The leaves hardly fade or burn during the summer. The white flowers open around end May to mid June. A beautiful garden shrub or a solitary plant with exuberant colours. 



Diervilla splendens 'El Madrigal' (Diva)

Golden Medal Plantarium 2017

Wide spreading, upright growing shrub with slightly arching branches. Its dark purple brown leaves give it a unique ornamental value as it is the first Diervilla on the market with this characteristic. Compact panicles of bright yellow flowers contrast well with the dark foliage. Suitable for gardens and green public spaces. 


Fargesia murieliae 'Elias'

Gold Medal GrootGroenPlus 2017

Unique, very low growing bamboo. The plant produces elegant overhanging branches and bright green leaves. It does not produce root runners so ‘Elias’ retains its clump shaped habit. Eventually the plant will reach about 60 cm high. Suitable for planting in green public spaces, gardens and in pots. 


Ginkgo biloba 'Menhir'

Silver Medal Plantarium 2012

Columnar growing cultivar that, unlike several other columnar growing Ginkgos, is well branched. The leaves are the typical Ginkgo shape. They are bright green with a striking blue haze. The slender shape makes the plant suitable for gardens, parks and public green areas. 



Gleditsia triacanthos 'Draves' (Street Keeper)

Gold Medal GrootGroenPlus 2012

Medium-sized tree with a pyramidal growth habit. It is mainly its healthy, steady growth that makes this tree especially distinctive. The leaves are glossy dark green. Because the tree forms a main trunk it is good for propagating and using as an avenue or park tree. 



Hebe 'Tull 302' (Rhubarb and Custard)

Bronze Medal Plantarium 2012

Broad evergreen plant with an upright spreading growth habit. The dark green leaves are marbled grey and have striking cream coloured edges. The young shoots are purple. These are visible the entire growing season making it a very colourful plant. Very nice pot plant.



Heuchera 'Black Pearl'

Silver Medal Plantarium 2017

Heuchera make attractive foliage plants and ‘Black Pearl’ is certainly no exception. The leaves have 3 to 5 lobes and wavy margins. The upper side of the leaves is purple-black with a striking metallic sheen. The underside is dark purple. The small flowers are pinkish white although the plant does not flower abundantly. 


Hibiscus syriacus 'Gandini Santiago' (Purple Pillar)

Silver Medal Plantarium 2012

This Hibiscus stands out due to its narrow, almost columnar growth habit. This is in contrast to other cultivars, which all become wider. The flowers are pink with a big red heart and semi-double. Its narrow growth habit also makes the plant very suitable for smaller gardens. 



Hydrangea macrophylla 'Youmefive' (You&Me Together)

KVBC-Award Gold, Field Trial 2017

Compact and sturdy growing hydrangea. The flattened globular shaped flower heads mainly consist of sterile double flowers. These have multiple layers of petals which give the flower head a very full appearance. When the flowers open they are pale pink which gradually turn darker. As they finish flowering they are intense purple red. The flowers retain this colour for several weeks. 


Leucothoe keiskei 'Opstal16' (Halloween)

Gold Medal GrootGroenPlus 2014

Densely branched evergreen plant with a low growing spherical growth habit. The leaves are strikingly narrow for a Leucothoe. These are decoratively curved and glossy dark green which in winter turn dark red. The young leaves are coloured bronze. Suitable as a pot plant, but also as a shrub planted in groups or in mixed borders. 



Ligustrum ovalifolium 'Josalig 1' (Green Diamond)

KVBC-Award Bronze, Field Trial 2017

This new cultivar emerged as a seedling from L. ovalifolium yet is clearly more compact and bushy. The dark green leaves feel ‘thick’. Overall the plant has a strong healthy appearance. It is very versatile; it can be used as a low, wide (block) hedge; in planting beds or in small groups. 


Lonicera nitida 'Golden Glow'

KVBC-Award Bronze, Field Trial 2015

Raised as a mutant from the cultivar 'Maigrün' this cultivar has the same excellent growth habit. However, in contrast to ‘Maigrün’ it has deep yellow leaves. The leaf does not burn in summer but it does become a slightly lighter yellow colour. This strong shrub is very suitable for planting in groups or as a low hedge. 



Mahonia eurybracteata 'Soft Caress'

Silver Medal Plantarium 2012

Broad, evergreen shrub with narrow leaves that are not sharp to the touch. The young leaves are yellow green, the adult foliage is dark green. Bunches of soft yellow flowers appear in the autumn. A striking plant that is different to the well-known species and cultivars. 



Quercus warei 'Nadler' (Kindred Spirit)

Gold Medal GrootGroenPlus 2012

This hybrid between the American Q. alba and the European Q. robur ‘Fastigiata’ has a columnar growth habit. The glossy green leaves are quite large and healthy. The tree is virtually resistant to mildew. Due to its columnar growth habit it can be widely used in gardens, parks and as an avenue tree. 



Skimmia japonica 'Moerings 2' (Red Dwarf)

Gold Medal GrootGroenPlus 2015

Compact growing evergreen shrub. The leaves are glossy dark green and form a nice background for the dark red flower buds, which decorate the plant from the end of September to long into the winter. The flowers form relatively large, dense plumes. 



Skimmia japonica 'Pabella'

Gold Medal GrootGroenPlus 2013

Evergreen plant with a wide, upright spreading growth habit. It’s not the flowers of this female cultivar that give it its main ornamental value, but the fruits. The shiny red fruits form dense clusters and stand out well above the foliage. 



Spiraea betulifolia 'Tor Gold'

KVBC-Award Silver, Field Trial 2016

Bushy, wide upright growing deciduous shrub. Young leaves are a lovely green yellow, adult leaves are yellow green. Autumn colours vary from cream to salmon pink to light orange and red. Flowers are white and form compact clusters around May to June. Very hardy pot or garden plant, also suitable for the mixed border. 



Thuja occidentalis 'Mirjam'

KVBC-Award Bronze, Field Trial 2016

Very strong conifer for in the garden or in a pot. Bred from ‘Danica’, ‘Mirjam’ has the same ball shaped growth habit. The foliage is bright yellow green with lighter coloured tips in the summer. In the winter it turns bronze and the young tips are orange brown. 


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