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Meirseweg 54, 4881 MJ Zundert (NL)

International nursery stock trade fair

Theme 2018



This year’s edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus will once again have a central theme. After the successful theme ‘My Favourite Plant!’, the choice was made for a more future-focused and comprehensive theme, that offers a lot of room for technical and other innovations: THE FUTURE = GREEN.


The future is green.  Green is the answer to many of the issues we face today. Green reduces carbon dioxide in the air. A good application of green is important to combat flooding. Green has a positive influence on the climate. Green improves the living environment and quality. Green isn’t just pleasant; it also contributes to health and safety. 


It is a very powerful means and in many cases, a natural solution for complicated issues. No other industry has so much strength and so many natural means. 


And there are also the developments and innovations surrounding green energy, green logistics, mechanisation, precision farming, weed control, and robotisation. These are all subjects that the green industry can offer an important contribution to.  The green industry has the solution for many current issues, but also for issues that we can expect in the future. 


With this theme, we want to invite people to think about a future with green, and a green future. What is needed for that? What collaborative ventures can be created? In the chain, we work on a greener future, together. Green has the future. THE FUTURE = GREEN.

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